Pair of Skew Bevel Edge Chisels


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Two Cherries bevel edge chisels with a skew cutting edge for hand controlled paring and other detailed work.  A pair of tools with right and left angled cutting edge, perfect for trimming slightly protruding dovetails, tenons, dowels, and a multitude of applications where finesse, not chopping is required.
Blades are carefully forged, and skillfully heat treated in an immersion bath method to achieve a Rockwell hardness of 61 degree. This means that once the chisel has been sharpened to your liking – it will hold an edge significantly longer than other chisels.  After heat treating, the blades are polished to a rich finish that makes them a joy to use. For each chisel, Two Cherries has used their over 160 years of experience to fit the perfectly appropriate sized handle.

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  1. Daniel Smith Sr.

    I have been doing custom woodwork since 1979, 1st as my own cabinet shop, then I kept it as a “hobby”- now that I’m disabled I have returned to “Heirloom Quality” custom woodwork- for 30+ years Two Cherries has been my favorite brand of Quality hand tools- these skewing chisels are without a doubt, the finest chisels of this type (I own 2 sets) they are my go to chisel when I have a small area that needs to be trimmed, whether it’s a dovetail or box joint pin that stands a bit proud, or any other area needing my attention- the “Hornbeam” handle fits my crippled hands very well, they seldom require any sharpening, when they do I use my fine diamond stone – they will last me the rest of my life and I hope to pass them down to one of my grandchildren for another generation to enjoy the high quality of “old world” craftsmanship – nothing but the best tools -Thankyou Two Cherries

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