School Program


We are pleased to welcome you to our Two Cherries USA education program. Through this program we are able to offer a discount to schools and teachers purchasing directly from Two Cherries USA to supply students.

The Two Cherries Company is located in Remscheid, Germany, and has been producing high quality woodworking and carving tools for over 150 years. The forged tools are produced from exceptional quality steel, heat treated to 61 Rockwell, and fitted with a comfortable handle.  The quality and hardness of the steel means they will stay sharp longer, so your students can work longer and more safely.


To qualify for the following discounts you must be with a school or teacher with verifiable classes. Please email with the name of your school program, how the tools will be distributed and the size of potential order in order to obtain a school discount code. We will then send you a coupon code according the the size of your order.

Approved schools and teachers will receive the following discounts:

Orders $350 or more will receive a 20% discount off of list price.

Orders $1500 or more will receive a 30% discount off of list price.

The school discount is available on all Two Cherries products featured on this website.

Orders will be sent via Fedex Ground or USPS from our warehouse in San Francisco with no shipping costs to you. Please allow 6-8 weeks for shipping, so bare that in mind to order on time to have the tools when you need them.

Please order carefully as stock will be custom ordered from Germany and cannot be returned for a refund. As always, Two Cherries will replace any product on the off chance that it arrives defective in any way.

Please feel free to contact with any questions you may have.