Small Size Carving Tools

Smaller tools allow for more control which means finer detail in your work. The blades of these tools are made in the exact same way and with the same steel, as our full-size tools. There are just under one-hundred varieties of shapes and sizes – each available with your choice of octagon or pear shaped handles – so you are sure to find the right tool for the job.

Pear-handled tools are about 6 1/4″ in overall length and allow you to grip using the palm of your hand. This may be more comfortable to hold or preferential for a particular application.

Octagon handled tools are about 8″ in overall length and offer a traditional approach to carving. They are the same great quality as our full sized tools, only smaller.

We also have a terrific set of “traveling” small tools as well that come in a fine leather case and are just over 4 1/4″ in overall length. Use these in the shop or take them on the road, these little tools are great for detail work and make a nice addition to your tool collection.

Try them all to see which works best for you!