Set of Three Scrapers with Burnisher


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This four piece set –three scrapers and one burnisher– is essential for the complete woodshop. In fact, scraping hardwoods will typically produce a smoother finish than any sanding regimen can produce. The scrapers are also an Ideal tool for refinishers. The set includes: 

Regular rectangle scraper. (5205010)
Scraper curved on opposite ends. (5205060)
Classic “goose-neck” shaped scraoer. (5205070)
Oval burnisher with comfortable wood handle. (5205080)

All scrapers are 0.8mm thick and about three inches wide by four and one-half to six inches long. The oval steel burnisher is five inches long (not including the wooden handle).

To sharpen, the scraper edge and the area adjacent to that edge, is made smooth by using a file and then a stone. The idea is to eliminate any scratches in the steel edge. The edge is then “burnished” or turned so to produce a very sharp wire edge that does all the work.


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