Set of 7 Carving Tools


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A beautiful carving set for those starting out with the craft, or looking to upgrade their tools. This set includes some of our smaller size carving tools, same hand forged quality, heat treating,  edge retention and wood handle – just a little shorter than our full size models, as well as some of our chip carving or whittling knives and a sharpening stone.

Carving tool set 7 pcs., in Display box. 7 pieces, each 1 piece:

8 mm Straight Edge Carving Chisel (510-0108)

6 mm Straight Medium Gouge (510-0806)

6 mm Straight V-Chisel (510-3906)

Chip Carving Knife with Short Skew Edge (515-3351)

Chip Carving Knife with Double Sided Curved Edge (515-3353

Chip Carving Knife with Small Blade, Skew Edge for intarsia (515-3356)

Water Sharpening Stone: 80 x 30 mm (3707)

Two Cherries #3427-SB

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