Front Bevel Gouge with Octagon Handle


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Crafted in Germany by skilled craftsmen to produce an heirloom quality tool. This firmer gouge has a curved edge and an inside bevel. Fitted with a high quality  octagonal hornbeam handle with hammer button. The quality of the steel and workmanship ensures exceptional edge retention and longevity. This tool is heavier than our carving gouges, but as with all Two Cherries tools the tool is still light and well balanced, due to the quality of the steel and workmanship.

Overall lengths of approximately ten to eleven inches, depending on width  and equates closest to  7 Sweep

Crafted in Germany since 1858, Two Cherries chisels are still largely crafted in the way they were made decades ago, forged from the finest steel and carefully heat treated to 61 Rc for exceptional edge retention all along the length of the blade. The chisels and carving tools are then polished to a mirror finish and fitted with the a perfect size handle for the size of the blade. This production process results in a tremendously strong tool, but one that is light and well balanced, allowing control and precision on the finest projects.

Two Cherries #1482

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