About Two Cherries


Two Cherries German woodworking and carving tools are for the woodworker, carver, or carpenter looking for a quality, long lasting tool with exceptional edge retention. Manufactured in Remscheid, Germany since 1858, they are forged from the finest quality steel, skilled craftspeople working with diligence to craft the best chisels and carving tools available.  Made to hold up year after year, with proper care these heirloom tools can be passed down for generations.

The blades of our carving chisels and gouges are carefully forged before being skillfully heat treated in a salt immersion bath to achieve a Rockwell Hardness of 61C. This means that sharpening the chisels may take an extra few minutes, but they will hold an edge significantly longer than just about any other brand on the market. After heat treating, the blades are polished to a rich finish. Each exceptional quality edge tool is fitted with size-appropriate wood handle made from European Hardwood as the final step in producing these fine Chisels. Our bevel edge chisels are available in a sturdy wood, or heavy duty plastic handle.

Our range of edge tools includes a large selection woodcarving tools: chip carving knives, gouges, micro carving tools, large fishtail gouges, palm handled tools, v-tools. Our range of chisels includes bevel edge woodworking chisels, specialty chisels mortise chisels, skew chisels, paring chisels, back and front bevel gouges, and more. We also have a selection of cabinet scrapers, saws, and other quality woodworking tools & accessories. 

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